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Discipline is Your Friend

Another week has begun and with it, the busyness of life rolls on and the chaos of the world continues to churn. I know how it gets when life is full and you feel like you just can't squeeze one more thing into your schedule, or you can't imagine how you will attend to it all. And on top of that, you may see and even feel a sense of a world gone mad. But, here is what I am noticing, my own spiritual practice, my Sadhana must be in place for me to be healthy, happy and relaxed. This is a DISCIPLINE. I remember reading a quote by Yogi Bhajan that said something like, "Discipline is your only true friend", I found myself annoyed with that quote. In fact I hated the idea that such a loaded concept would be my only true friend, UGH! Discipline, who needs it? But now more than ever, I see there is truth to this idea.

We are living in a time called the Information Age. Anything we want to see, hear or know is available to us at the touch of a finger tip and while this is helpful, it can also be extremely overwhelming. Not to mention we see the breakdown of systems that we believed would sustain us, such as government, education and religion. We may feel confused, depressed, afraid and lost during this messy transition time on our planet.

Here is where discipline comes in...

We need a regular practice of technologies that support us, body, mind and spirit so that we can be steady, clear, strong and bright during this seemingly dark and messy time.

Understanding and developing discipline for most of us will be a life long process. Our culture has so many ideas about what discipline is and what it means to be disciplined; many of these perspectives can be quite negative, involving the idea of punishment, etc. Wikipedia says that to discipline means to instruct a person to follow a particular code of conduct or order.

Perhaps our feelings about discipline are negative because they mostly do not stem from within us. We grow up believing we must follow other's rules to get by in life. What if we developed our own code of conduct or ritual even? What about seeing discipline as a beautiful daily ritual that supports us?

I invite you to consider that discipline can be your friend if you choose to see it as an ally and not an enemy. It takes concentration to be healthy, happy and holy. It takes awareness to notice when the mind is taking you on a wild ride. A daily practice/discipline/ritual will help you stay on track, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

My own Sadhana has it's ups and downs, it's twists and turns. But lately, I see how if I stay true to my Sadhana (spiritual discipline), I am supported to be who I truly am and want to be, ALIVE and saying YES, to Life! I personally like to tune in every day and do something to support my well being. Teaching Kundalini Yoga is part of my Sadhana. Teaching expands who I am and helps me come out of my small self and opens me to the greater potential. Please use me and this yoga as part of your support for living the best life you can live. Be in the energy of community of like minded individuals who are all working toward more clarity, energy and love in their lives. I know it uplifts me and you know when you show up, it uplifts you too!!

Many Blessings to YOU!

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